Ever since I started dropping weight way back in 2009, I’ve had this particular problem and I wonder if you have some version of it too…

I have always hated winter and I don’t like cold weather very much. That much is still the same. However, my tolerance of cold temps has gone down the tubes. This is literally the conversation that happened yesterday when I went downstairs.

Mom: Why are you wearing a sweater?
Me: I’m freezing!
Mom: But it’s 72 degrees in here!
Me: And that’s too cold!
Mom: Seriously? I’m burning up…
Me: Well, lucky you. I’m freezing so it’s obviously cold in here.
Mom: You’re nuts.

No joke. With my new residence in the mountains, I need the minimum of 4 blankets covering my bed at night so I don’t freeze my toots off. And then at work, I have to have a space heater because God forbid I drink the delicious hot cocoa to warm up. A lot of the time, I attribute it to my consumption of lots of ice cold water–but when I’m not doing that, then I have nothing to pin my sensitivity on.

My mom’s argument as to why my body is so sensitive? “You’re too skinny.”

Thanks, Mom. I wouldn’t say that at all. In fact, I’m still trying to trim down the mess of my senior year of college (+10 pounds… ugh). How much of that is muscle? No idea. But I know I have more muscle than before. You think that muscle would help keep you warm, but noooo! I really wish my body wasn’t this sensitive to cold. It’s such a pain.

Another thing is when I feel really cold, I like to turn to food as a source of heat. Sometimes I’ll do push-ups because those are a quick fix but it depends on where I am (no way am I doing those in the middle of the office). It’s not a huge problem right now, but I’m deathly afraid of winter coming because hot cocoa is definitely a favorite of mine. And it’s bound to get FREEZING!

Does anybody else have temperature issues? What do you do to combat them?


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