Blogging helps!

Do you want to know something I’ve noticed since I started back with WW last month?

Blogging has become a huge source of motivation to keep with my health efforts. When I blog every other day or so, I find that I keep on track a lot better. For example, last week I didn’t blog as much and towards the end of the week I was slipping a little (I like to attribute it to the fact that I was exhausted).

It could be because I don’t attend meetings and am doing WW solely online. So it’s like blogging has become my way of being accountable while still trying to share information that can benefit others as well. It’s like I’m not only speaking my language but living the culture as well (a really broad metaphor, I know).

Reading other blogs is also a great source of inspiration.

I know a lot of you here employ the use of the WW blog, but I wonder if you have found that it helps you in your weight loss/maintenance efforts. Whether it helps with your accountability or find that it keeps your mind clear enough that you can focus on making better choices. I’d love to hear what you think about how blogging helps (or if it doesn’t!) you.


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