Who says there’s no time?

I’m probably not the only one here who has been inspired by the talented Jennifer Hudson. She decided she wanted to be healthy, to be an example for her son, to feel powerful. She did it… and she happens to look fantastic on top of it all.

There is a pretty cool article/slideshow on Mrs. Hudson on Self.com. In one of the slides, Hudson says:

“On days when I’m short on time, I do this workout called trilogy, which is cardio and strength combined: I do 25 squats, 25 push-ups and 25 ab moves, then rest a minute. Then I do them in reverse and rest another minute. Fifteen minutes and I’m done! And I create moments of exercise. When I lived on the 26th floor, I’d walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.”

I love that she totally advocates and makes squeezing in activity look so simple–because it really is! I decided to put the bold part to the test since my strength training has been lacking since Pole Fitness is so far out of the way from my new residence.

And DANG! She says it like it’s easy. NOPE! It may have taken me only about 10-12 minutes to do the cycle, but boy did I feel it. For my ab moves, I chose gymnastic sit ups* for the first set and lifted heel presses** for the second so I got a rounded core workout. My arms were dreading the second set of push ups and my abs felt dang good after (I’m a nut for core work).

Bonus? It got me 2 AP’s. For only ten minutes! Awesome right?

I challenge you to try it! The time may range from my 10 to Jen’s 15 so just be patient and stick through it. Your body with thank you. Just think of how strong you will be if you squeeze this in every other day! Remember to track it as “circuit training” if you do it like she suggests, with minimal rest between moves. I highly recommend stretching and doing windmills with your arms after because you will feel it.

1) See if you can get through the whole thing (trust me, I struggled… I had to pause during the pushups for a mini-sec a couple times).
2) See how your muscles  (and your heart rate!) feel during and after.
3) Make sure to stretch after.

An extra challenge: do it right when you wake up as a nice little boost for the day. Quick AP’s right off the bat!

With a mini-workout like this, it makes me think that there really are no excuses to not “find time” to exercise.

If you do end up trying out this circuit, let me know what you think!

Remember… no excuses. ;)

*Gymnastic sit ups: Lay flat on your back, arms stretched above your head. Lift one leg as you lift both arms to meet/stretch past it. Return to flat position, and do on the other side. Repeat.

**Lifted heel raises: Lay on your back with your legs up in the air, perpendicular to the ground. Holding in your abs, slightly raise your tush and gently press your heels upward and away from your body. Return to original position. Repeat.


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