Tis the season for coughs and sniffles…

Fa, la, la, la, la… *cough*, *cough*, *cough*, *cough*!

I knew something was up when I woke up Saturday morning to a swollen throat gland. That usually is an indicator that I have a cold or another virus up in my grill. And when I couldn’t control the snotty goodness running down my face yesterday, I knew a cold had settled in without my permission.

This morning I did not want to leave my bed. I’ve been thinking about my nice warm bed all day. My focus at work has been eeeeehhhhhhh. I will definitely be in bed early tonight. My congestion makes my head feel uber-weird, my throat is raw, and my nose is driving me crazy!

Tonight is supposed to be Zumba night though!  I know that exercising while you have a cold isn’t a bad idea, as long as you don’t have a fever. In fact, I read an article where it says that moderate exercise can up the amount of “fighting” blood cells in your body even though there is no scientific evidence that says moderate exercise can help you get rid of viruses faster.

The thing with exercise and sickness is that the more you live an active lifestyle, the less likely you are to fall sick. However, if you exercise too hard while your body is trying to recover, you can actually get sicker and it will take longer for your body to heal itself.

As much as I want to do Zumba, it’s more than just a moderate exercise. I really don’t want to push myself since my whole family is coming to town this weekend.

Doctors do say that rest, lots of fruits, veggies, and liquids help your body repair itself faster when it’s combating a cold… so I think I’d rather rest it off than risk any delay in that process by exercising.

What do you like to do to help recover when you get sick?


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