Do you have visual reminders?

What kind of of things motivate you? Is it internal thoughts, a motivational quote, blogs or perhaps a charm that reminds you to stay on track? I think some kind of physical and visual reminder is a great way to keep going and stay motivated.

In 2010, my mom made a “goal board”: a poster containing the things she wanted to achieve. Nearly everything on that poster came to be real, almost down to the exact color of her new washer and dryer. I always thought that was a cool idea–having a physical manifestation of your goals as a constant reminder of what you want.

For me, I have a pair of jeans that I bought right before I left for Italy last summer but haven’t had a chance to wear yet since Italy wasn’t as kind on my hips as it was to my legs. These jeans are hanging on my door to remind me that I want to be able to fit in them! This worked a couple years ago when I was trying to fit back into a size 6. Now I’m at an 8 so this is my way to remind me that I can do this again (hopefully for the last time).

What about you? Do you have a visual reminder to stay on track with your weight loss/maintenance goals?


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