Will I have the energy?

On Wednesday, I thought I was feeling well enough to go to Zumba. I was so psyched to go and the instructor even let me lead the warm-up with a song I newly choreographed.

Post-warm up, it felt like my chest was on fire. I literally had to take a break because it hurt to breathe. After a one-song break, one of my favorites came on so I went back in. A couple songs later my chest wasn’t on fire anymore but that was likely because I wasn’t doing anything full out like I did for the warm-up. Because of the breathing issues and fear of over doing it, I left halfway through the class.

And now I’m terrified because I’m supposed to teach the Zumba class tomorrow.  The main teacher is out of town and the other sub is too, so the last hope is me… who happened to contract a cold this week.  Lovely, right?

One thing is for certain, I’m definitely not going to do the same warm-up I did on Wednesday; it’s far too intense. I’m scared of not being able to make it through the whole class. I’ve been making sure I get at last 8-9 hours of sleep a night to make sure I’m resting enough to kick this cold in the tush. But will it be enough?

If you think it takes energy to take a Zumba class, you need nearly double that to actually teach. If the teacher isn’t doing everything full out, the class will only do it half way. Those taking the class copy the teacher and absorb that energy and if that energy is lacking… let’s just say, it’s probably not as fun of a time and not as good of a workout as it should be. I need that energy but if I do manage to do that, I’m going to be completely trashed afterwards.

Doesn’t help that I’m not a flaky person and I can’t bring myself to cancel my plans with friends tonight (which has been planned for a month) even though tomorrow is going to be an insanely busy day and I’m nowhere near prepped to deal with it, only partly due to my cold. I still have major cleaning to do too…

So yeah… I’m kind of nervous for teaching Zumba tomorrow and then having my whole family plus friends over for my baptism and after-party tomorrow evening. It’s going to be exhausting, I have no doubt.

Please pardon my soap-box moment today. I’m stepping down now.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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