Enjoy it all… then track it!

So it’s been a crazy few days. Birthday was wonderful and relaxing with mani-pedis with my mom followed by a scrumptious birthday sushi dinner where I found a new favorite roll (Red Dragon… mmmmm!). And thank you all who sent me birthday wishes!

My birthday kind of extended into Friday when I got to see my man during my 3-hour layover in LA on my way to Sac Town. He’s so stinking sweet to me… But I have a feeling he wants to make me fat. Haha! Just kidding, but you may see why I said that in a moment. He picked me up, took me to breakfast and gave me a list of things for my birthday even though I was completely thrilled just to see him. He gave me a darling/funny card, two stunning and aromatic red roses, a bag of gummy bears (spaced out over two days) plus a huge slice of chocolate cake (which I couldn’t finish because the icing was too rich–but it was still delicious)…

Let me tell you, I was surely a sight trying to keep a grip on all of this along with my purse as I went through the airport security. Many people commented. Haha! I even found out later that a man I shared that next flight with saw me taking a picture of it–and he was a part of the wedding that I was on my way to as well! Kind of embarrassing but kind of funny too. Nice guy.

Then there were the wedding festivities… The night before, a big group of us went to this delightful Italian restaurant where the balsamic had me drooling over it the whole night. Seriously, it was like candy. I may have had a whole weeks’ worth of the daily oil requirement in just that evening. Delish! And then the food at the actual wedding was amazing too. The pork I had was perfectly cooked and moist–I could eat it every day if I could! And the wedding cake wasn’t bad either.

So yes, a lot of eating. However, I think I balanced it out well with activity. The bride and her bridesmaids wanted me to teach a pre-wedding Zumba session like I did at my step-brothers wedding over the summer. Imagine Zumba done in a humid hotel pool room. Talk about sweating buckets! On top of that, the band at the wedding was excellent so there was a lot of dancing to be done. I probably danced about 4 hours minimum that night… in heels even! So much fun!

Thing is, I never once tracked since Friday. My phone was being uber-glitchy so I didn’t want to put up with it (I think it knew it was about to be replaced with the new iPhone so it wanted to p!ss me off). But as soon as I got home, I tracked every single bit of the weekend. I went over my weeklies, but I still tracked it. I enjoyed every little bit of this weekend like I should and kept myself accountable. The scale was barely up when I weighed in yesterday so I think I hit a fairly good balance.

That’s really the key to all this though… Enjoyment, not deprivation–then track it! It’s all part of the plan! As long as you follow the plan, it’s not “cheating”. Everyone can make this work!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Much love!


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