Why I need to write these things down!

Last night, I was feeling particularly lazy. I watched about 8 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy then tore out Timeline since I was in the mood to watch it. It wasn’t long before I literally kicked myself in the booty to get moving in some way since I don’t have Zumba to fall back on this week.

What I tracked as circuit training incorporated a lot that I wish I had written down. Reason being: My lower abs, my booty and my shoulders are all sore from it. I maybe worked out for 25 minutes in the middle of Timeline. No more than 30… no less than 25.

Here’s what I can remember:

  • 3 rounds of squats, one with 5 lb hand weighted press ups
  • 25 modified push-ups, then 2 sets of twenty
  • Lots of bicycle crunches (circa 50 reps)
  • 25 hip raises (laying down–targets lower abs)
  • 20 sit ups
  • Donkey kick variations, 10 on each side (if that’s the name of them… all I know is that they work my backside and I LOVE it)
  • 60-second planks in front and on both sides
  • 2 sets of 20 chest flies with the 5 pounders

And that’s all I can remember when I swear I did more! Haha… that already seems like a lot doesn’t it? This definitely wasn’t the order though. At first I was switching between squats, pushups and ab work. After that, I kind of just did whatever I felt like doing. My heart was throbbing through much of it and I was sweating about 7 minutes in so I’m calling it a good workout. And Timeline filled my craving to watch it nicely.

With the pain today? Most definitely a good workout. I may have to call this a mash-up strength training circuit that I’m going to have to do again (but likely changing things up to whatever I feel like doing).

What do you like to do to vary up your workouts?


On track for Thanksgiving!

I’ll admit that last week wasn’t my best… Rehearsals, work, plus late nights with friends on top of early mornings definitely left me utterly exhausted by the end of the week. I tried to track but the inconvenience of not being able to log in on Firefox didn’t help. My activity even suffered… I tried to make up for that by being ultra active during rehearsals.

Not this week though. This week I’m back and going strong! Having a great OP day today with even some Zumba thrown in the mix.

I arranged my Wendie Plan to have Thursday be my high point day. I think this will be a good way to not only let myself enjoy Thanksgiving but also not deprive myself from my favorite treats by being careful with what I consume on my lower point days. Wendie is awesome and I intend on working that plan this week.

Activity may be a challenge, but that’s why I did Zumba today for sure. I’m planning on going on Wednesday at my gym so hopefully that will help too…

GAH! Can you believe the holidays are here? It is seriously is blowing my mind that my mom already has the Christmas decorations up! Memo to time: SLOW DOWN. I’m not done with my graduate apps for USC yet so really… slow down. Haha!

I hope you all have been having a good holiday season so far! I’ll need to come catch up on some blogs when I get a breather. Just know I’m sending love all your way during this crazy time!


Good luck being on track and enjoying Thanksgiving!

I need sleep…

Last night, I got maybe 4 hours of sleep if that.  Prior to bed, we made cookies and I ate much of the cookie dough.  Okay, that was a side note but that leads me to why sleep is such a critical point in well-being.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re scatterbrained.  Focus isn’t the easiest thing to come by.  Because of this, you are also likely craving foods and drinks that will help boost your brainpower and lagging body–and you’re more likely to indulge as well.

I’ve been trying to fight this lack of sleep all day.  I even broke a rule and had coffee before work to try and help.  Truth be told, I’ve gotten more work done today than I have in a long time–so today is actually pretty successful in that respect.

However, that does not stop my mind from being horribly distracted by last nights’ events (you can’t even begin to understand how delicious the cookies (and the dough) were).  It also doesn’t stop me from wanting a large bowl of Cap’n Crunch when I get home while catching up on last night’s episode of Glee before passing out on my comfy bed in hopes that it will make my sore back not be so sore.

How some people run on so few hours of sleep blows my mind on days like this.  Seriously… is my body just ultra-sensitive or do those kinds of people like the lagging, craving and scatterbrained symptoms that should follow?  I will say coffee really isn’t enough to combat this.  This just doesn’t feel good… my body knows it’s not right.  My minimum amount of hours to sleep and function is more like 8, not 4.  I may have to make better sleeping rules when out playing with friends…

How big of a role does sleep play for you?

Have a BIG Breakfast!

After my enlightening moment about my breakfasts yesterday, I decided to take a look around see some stats about this… Here is what I found on Men’s Health (I’m not a man, but still… I think the idea is pretty universal):

After following 6,764 healthy people for almost 4 years, researchers found that those who ate just 300 calories for breakfast gained almost twice as much weight as those who ate 500 calories or more for breakfast. The reason: Eating a big breakfast makes for smaller rises in blood sugar and insulin throughout the day, meaning fewer sudden food cravings. Read more...

Voila. That’s my share of interesting info today…

My breakfast was my usual apple and yogurt, so about 200-ish cals. Not what they recommend. I think I need to have Oops! All Berries again tomorrow morning now… ;)

So what did you have for breakfast?

Running on Low

My ideas on what to write about are on a low.  NaNoWriMo is stealing all my creative juices… and I’m even behind in that!

The only thing I can think about is the fact that my appetite over the past week has been minimal.  I have no idea why this has been the case.  Maybe I’m eating more satisfying foods or something, but it doesn’t feel like I’m even doing that.  Note the Skittles and PB M&M’s I ate following an intense discussion with My Man.  But I even spread those out over a couple days!

While in Vegas and California, I thought I would be tempted at every corner.  Nope, that didn’t happen so much.  In fact, there was probably one meal a day that I didn’t finish.  I wanted to try a burrito place by USC that I’d heard was good.  Got their smallest burrito and I could barely make it 3/4 of the way through it.

Now that I’ve stopped to think about it… I’ve had a substantial breakfast every day for the past week or so.  Maybe that is having something to do with my lack of appetite.  They haven’t been the most healthy breakfasts either. Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries are back in stores… I started my second box this morning–favorite!  But you know how they always say that breakfast is key to weight loss and also to curb cravings later in the day… perhaps that’s been my trick over the past little bit.

So remember folks… breakfast can make a difference! It gives your body a jump-start for the day and can help you eat less later on.  This reminds me of a saying I heard a while back:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Does it hold any truth?  No idea… not a bad thing to consider though.

REMEMBER TO TRACK! It seriously helps.

Happy Monday everyone!

PS:  Wendie Plan is pretty awesome… down 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Woot woot!