Running on Low

My ideas on what to write about are on a low.  NaNoWriMo is stealing all my creative juices… and I’m even behind in that!

The only thing I can think about is the fact that my appetite over the past week has been minimal.  I have no idea why this has been the case.  Maybe I’m eating more satisfying foods or something, but it doesn’t feel like I’m even doing that.  Note the Skittles and PB M&M’s I ate following an intense discussion with My Man.  But I even spread those out over a couple days!

While in Vegas and California, I thought I would be tempted at every corner.  Nope, that didn’t happen so much.  In fact, there was probably one meal a day that I didn’t finish.  I wanted to try a burrito place by USC that I’d heard was good.  Got their smallest burrito and I could barely make it 3/4 of the way through it.

Now that I’ve stopped to think about it… I’ve had a substantial breakfast every day for the past week or so.  Maybe that is having something to do with my lack of appetite.  They haven’t been the most healthy breakfasts either. Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries are back in stores… I started my second box this morning–favorite!  But you know how they always say that breakfast is key to weight loss and also to curb cravings later in the day… perhaps that’s been my trick over the past little bit.

So remember folks… breakfast can make a difference! It gives your body a jump-start for the day and can help you eat less later on.  This reminds me of a saying I heard a while back:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Does it hold any truth?  No idea… not a bad thing to consider though.

REMEMBER TO TRACK! It seriously helps.

Happy Monday everyone!

PS:  Wendie Plan is pretty awesome… down 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Woot woot!


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