I need sleep…

Last night, I got maybe 4 hours of sleep if that.  Prior to bed, we made cookies and I ate much of the cookie dough.  Okay, that was a side note but that leads me to why sleep is such a critical point in well-being.

If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re scatterbrained.  Focus isn’t the easiest thing to come by.  Because of this, you are also likely craving foods and drinks that will help boost your brainpower and lagging body–and you’re more likely to indulge as well.

I’ve been trying to fight this lack of sleep all day.  I even broke a rule and had coffee before work to try and help.  Truth be told, I’ve gotten more work done today than I have in a long time–so today is actually pretty successful in that respect.

However, that does not stop my mind from being horribly distracted by last nights’ events (you can’t even begin to understand how delicious the cookies (and the dough) were).  It also doesn’t stop me from wanting a large bowl of Cap’n Crunch when I get home while catching up on last night’s episode of Glee before passing out on my comfy bed in hopes that it will make my sore back not be so sore.

How some people run on so few hours of sleep blows my mind on days like this.  Seriously… is my body just ultra-sensitive or do those kinds of people like the lagging, craving and scatterbrained symptoms that should follow?  I will say coffee really isn’t enough to combat this.  This just doesn’t feel good… my body knows it’s not right.  My minimum amount of hours to sleep and function is more like 8, not 4.  I may have to make better sleeping rules when out playing with friends…

How big of a role does sleep play for you?


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