Why I need to write these things down!

Last night, I was feeling particularly lazy. I watched about 8 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy then tore out Timeline since I was in the mood to watch it. It wasn’t long before I literally kicked myself in the booty to get moving in some way since I don’t have Zumba to fall back on this week.

What I tracked as circuit training incorporated a lot that I wish I had written down. Reason being: My lower abs, my booty and my shoulders are all sore from it. I maybe worked out for 25 minutes in the middle of Timeline. No more than 30… no less than 25.

Here’s what I can remember:

  • 3 rounds of squats, one with 5 lb hand weighted press ups
  • 25 modified push-ups, then 2 sets of twenty
  • Lots of bicycle crunches (circa 50 reps)
  • 25 hip raises (laying down–targets lower abs)
  • 20 sit ups
  • Donkey kick variations, 10 on each side (if that’s the name of them… all I know is that they work my backside and I LOVE it)
  • 60-second planks in front and on both sides
  • 2 sets of 20 chest flies with the 5 pounders

And that’s all I can remember when I swear I did more! Haha… that already seems like a lot doesn’t it? This definitely wasn’t the order though. At first I was switching between squats, pushups and ab work. After that, I kind of just did whatever I felt like doing. My heart was throbbing through much of it and I was sweating about 7 minutes in so I’m calling it a good workout. And Timeline filled my craving to watch it nicely.

With the pain today? Most definitely a good workout. I may have to call this a mash-up strength training circuit that I’m going to have to do again (but likely changing things up to whatever I feel like doing).

What do you like to do to vary up your workouts?


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