The first step … Tracking

Since re-starting WW this week, I’m learning that you can’t just go gung-ho on every single aspect of the program. You can–it’s definitely possible but that’s not a smart way to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. It can be too overwhelming.

It all starts with baby steps and little things. That’s how to ensure the changes become habits rather than some fad for a couple weeks or months.

So this week, while I’m consciously trying to make better choices, my main focus is just tracking everything. Track ALL the things. Yes, let’s do it!

I won’t lie; it feels good to track flawlessly again. Bathroom breaks–my iPhone is with me as I pull up my WW app to track things like the chicken fried steak I had for dinner last night since I was on a date and … let’s face it, date etiquette does not allow for cell phones to be out, even for tracking.

Wasn’t my best choice in food, but I was craving chicken fried steak (would have been better if it was KFC–maybe next week). It’s not something I have often at all. And I made sure I ate all my veggies before the rest of the plate, so I didn’t even get through half of the mashed potatoes since I was satisfied with veggies and the steak pattie.

But you know what? That’s what I LOVE bout WW–you don’t have to deprive yourself of things you want. You just make your indulgences work with your plan and points. All there is to it.

At this point, I’m not sure what my next baby step will be for next week. I shall be brainstorming. If you have any suggestions, I’m open. :)

What was your first baby step in your weight loss journey?