Make it stop!

A nagging lower back pain has been plaguing me for the past couple weeks. It’s now gotten to the point where I don’t want to do any activity out of fear of aggravating the pain… and to the point where I just want to eat all the things because it’s driving me crazy.

Yes, that’s a Twix bar wrapper right there. In my defense, my vending machine that I was counting on for a caffeine fix was out of order at work so I got this as a sugar substitute. I’m still tired. Go figure…

I know I shouldn’t emotionally eat, especially after the photos that emerged from last weekend.

Vegas was my stop. Buffets were already paid for. Damage. I came home with an extra pound-and-a-half on my person. Not bad, but since I danced so much it’s still a little disappointing.

Here’s my trick for buffets: stock up on veggies and fruits first while grabbing SMALL portions of things that look good to try. This way I fill up on good things for me and I eat less of the junk. Seriously, try that the next time your at a buffet. It really saved me during this trip.

Digressing now. My happy weight is still below what I am currently… and now I have the photo that could scare me into hitting the healthy circuit really hard.

Suffice it to say that me no likey the love handles. And me no likey my pants feeling snug. Both have got to go. I don’t want this to be all about vanity, but at this point, it kind of is. I don’t compare myself to others–I do know how trim my body has been in the past and I want that back.

Now if only my lower back wasn’t being such a pain in me booty then this would be a lot easier to get a handle on and get’r done!

Any one have pointers for lower back pain (not muscle, but the actual spine)?


A little fitness trivia…

Today, I came across this really neat graphic that lists 40 fitness facts. Some of the things I already knew since I’m kind of super interested in health and all that jazz… but there were quite a few things I learned.

Here are some of my favorites:

11. Your heart rests between each beat. Over a normal lifespan, your heart stands still for about 20 years.

19. If all 600 of your muscles pulled in one direction, they could lift 25 tons.

22. Your brain receives 100 million nerve messages every second from your senses.

25. In the course of a lifetime, the resting heart will have pumped enough blood to fill 13 supertankers.

31. If the 300 million tiny air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs could be laid out flat, they would cover a home swimming pool. (WOW!)

32. Each muscle fiber is thinner than a human hair and can support up to 1,000 times its weight.

33. For every pound of muscle you gain, your body burns an extra 50 calories a day.

34. Your blood rushes through your arteries with enough pressure to lift a column of blood 5 feet into the air.

Take a look at the chart yourself! It’s pretty cool!

Which of these facts didn’t you know until today?

Just Stand

Smash is one of my favorite new shows this year. There was a really inspirational song from this week’s episode and I wanted to share it. It does have religious undertones, but really just think about the message that even though things can be hard — just stand and be sure about what you’re doing anyway.


What do you do
When you’ve done all you can
And it seems like you can’t make it through
And what do you say when your friends turn away
You’re alone
Tell me what do you give
When you’ve given your all
And it seem like you can’t make it through
Well you just stand when there’s nothing left to do
You just stand
Watch the Lord see you through
Yes after you’ve done all you can
You just stand
Tell me what do you do
When you given your all and it seems
It seems you can’t make it through
Well you just stand
When there’s nothing left to do you just stand
Watch the Lord see you through
Yes after you do all you can
You just stand
Stand and be sure
And be not entangled
In bondage again
Stand and endure
God has a plan
God has a plan tell me what do you do
When you don’t know
And it seems like you can’t make it through
Through the storm
Through the rain
Through the hurt
I’ll through the pain
I’ll hold on
I’ll be strong
God will stand in
It won’t be long
After you’ve done all you can
You just stand

Today will be a Gold Star Day!

Let’s face it … yesterday was not a Gold Star Day for me.

I tried to mentally talk myself into having a good OP day. That all went to to h-e-double-hockey-sticks  when I found out my business lunch was going to be at Cheesecake Factory and my boss wouldn’t take no for an answer on me eating some cheesecake.

When I wanted my second step to be knowing my Points+ values before eating, Cheesecake Factory is a horrible choice regardless. The lack of nutritional information for this restaurant is so daunting–you can’t get an accurate Points+ calculation at all. They even have a new Skinnylicious menu, so that’s what I stuck with. I tried their Skinnylicious Veggie Burger which came with mixed greens and their balsamic vinaigrette that I love. It wasn’t bad at all! I rather enjoyed it. Luckily when the time came for cheesecake, another one of my co-workers said she’d rather split one. Bonus. We split a Key Lime Cheesecake.

I know that lunch doesn’t seem like a bad thing all around–I made the best of what I could. But because I couldn’t control the situation and it was unexpected, that bothered me and put me in a funk that made me overindulge the rest of the day on crackers. Shame on me.

So today, I decided that it would be a good day–no matter what. I’m not the best at preparing or planning for meals. When I got home from work last night (at 11:15 p.m. mind you), I turned on one of my TV shows that I missed this week and prepared my menu for today.

  • Apple and Quaker instant oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Turkey and havarti cheese orowheat sandwich for lunch.
  • Romaine salad with olive oil, balsamic and chicken breast for dinner.
  • 2 mini light babybels, string cheese, edamame and grapefruit cups for snacks.

After I tracked it all last night too, and realized I had knocked out all my GHG’s and even had room to spare so I made a mental note to hit Starbucks for my favorite Skinny Peppermint Mocha to fill that spot this morning. My own little indulgence early in the day. And I still have a couple points leeway just in case my planned meals/snacks don’t keep me satisfied.

And this morning, I woke up refreshed and ready for a fantastic day. When I arrived at work, someone asked me how much coffee I’d really had since I was so amped.

It’s amazing what a little willpower and a positive attitude can do!

Now let’s see if I can manage a little activity somewhere in my 9 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. workday …

Hope you have a Gold Star Day! Rock it, okay? :)

What do you consider a Gold Star day?

Second step … Know my P+ values

Due to events last night and this morning, I realized that I need to check points before I eat something because … yeah. I’m a little terrified at what my choices have been over the past couple days. My weekly points are more than halfway gone in less than 36 hours.

Not so good.

Last night, we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Got the salad bar, proceeded to choke on a piece of potato for 20 minutes (that was so fun… not) and ordered the Chicken and Broccoli Pasta. I definitely should have checked before ordering that. The entire thing is a whopping 39 points! At this point, I’m glad I didn’t finish it all and saved half for today’s lunch. The only caveat is that I neglected to check the Points+ values until after I ate my lunch. #facepalm

Then this morning, I went to Starbucks for my latte and saw a Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake on their sign. I know coffee cake is generally not a great choice, but it just looked so yummy on that I had to try it. That was 9 Points+ values. It was extremely delicious, but worth that kind of debt in my daily point allotment? Not really…

Consider this lesson SO learned. CHECK FOODS BEFORE MAKING A CHOICE!

Looks like it’s going to be veggies and grapefruit for the rest of the day for me. And perhaps a couple hours of Zumba because… now I certainly feel like a pig. I do NOT need to be eating that many Points+ values in a day.

I may have been down yesterday for my WI but I need to be better prepared when it comes to making my food choices. It’s time that I start checking Points+ values and not going by how good something looks in a picture. I just realized that’s what governed these poor choices the past couple days.

First step was tracking and now it’s actually knowing those values before sticking anything in my mouth.

Do you find it helpful to plan ahead when you eat out and know the Points+ values before you order?