Second step … Know my P+ values

Due to events last night and this morning, I realized that I need to check points before I eat something because … yeah. I’m a little terrified at what my choices have been over the past couple days. My weekly points are more than halfway gone in less than 36 hours.

Not so good.

Last night, we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Got the salad bar, proceeded to choke on a piece of potato for 20 minutes (that was so fun… not) and ordered the Chicken and Broccoli Pasta. I definitely should have checked before ordering that. The entire thing is a whopping 39 points! At this point, I’m glad I didn’t finish it all and saved half for today’s lunch. The only caveat is that I neglected to check the Points+ values until after I ate my lunch. #facepalm

Then this morning, I went to Starbucks for my latte and saw a Reduced Fat Very Berry Coffee Cake on their sign. I know coffee cake is generally not a great choice, but it just looked so yummy on that I had to try it. That was 9 Points+ values. It was extremely delicious, but worth that kind of debt in my daily point allotment? Not really…

Consider this lesson SO learned. CHECK FOODS BEFORE MAKING A CHOICE!

Looks like it’s going to be veggies and grapefruit for the rest of the day for me. And perhaps a couple hours of Zumba because… now I certainly feel like a pig. I do NOT need to be eating that many Points+ values in a day.

I may have been down yesterday for my WI but I need to be better prepared when it comes to making my food choices. It’s time that I start checking Points+ values and not going by how good something looks in a picture. I just realized that’s what governed these poor choices the past couple days.

First step was tracking and now it’s actually knowing those values before sticking anything in my mouth.

Do you find it helpful to plan ahead when you eat out and know the Points+ values before you order?


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