Operation: Fit & Fierce

The name came to me on a whim of inspiration… but I’ve been brainstorming for this Operation for about a week.

After 6 months of non-stop work, not very much time to work out and totally slacking on my eating… I’m getting back on track.

The extra two inches of extra meat on my hips–that will disappear.

The extra seven pounds I’ve gained since January–that will be gone.

My horrendous eating of all the things–that will be mended.

How you may ask?

I’m gonna pack on the muscle to burn that blasted fat off. Like a tiger. Like an effing fierce tiger! Thus, the Fit & Fierce. I think a fierce logo is needed now…

On MyFitnessPal, I’ve programmed my daily nutrition goals to consume more protein than usual to help with that. Thanks to some research on what body builders eat to help gain muscle and some inspiration from my Pole Fitness instructor, I think I can manage that part. For carbs, I will be focusing primarily on whole grains, fruits and veggies.

However, I will NOT be depriving myself of anything that I truly want. That’s not a way to make any lifestyle liveable. It’s called limiting the treats, not avoiding them.

For the fitness part, I will be doing Zumba and Pole Fitness each at least twice a week. Yoga will also be included to help keep my body pliable. Plus, I miss yoga a lot. Hell … I miss my workouts in general a LOT. Bring it on!

I’ve heard it’s good to have a deadline for goals. However, instead of an overall deadline, I’m just going to go for mini-goals every month or two.

First goal: Lose 1 inch off my hips and thighs by July 24.

I welcome more people to challenge themselves to be healthy!

So does anyone want to join in with Operation: Fit & Fierce? Or do you want to create your own Operation?

Link your blog or your MyFitnessPal account below and we can support each other.


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