Day 6 & 7 of Whole30 – Catnap time!

Why does it keep getting harder and harder to get out of bed each morning? Although I barely scraped 7 hours of sleep Sunday/Monday night, today was by far one of the hardest mornings to wake up.

Oh, I just checked the Whole30 timeline and apparently I’m right on schedule to be wanting a catnap underneath my desk. If anything, today is my “kill ALL the things” because it’s such a struggle.

It was hard making it through the first choreography rehearsal since the dance was really fast, but it will get better. Some people have been concerned about my energy, but it’s just a slump. It’s how the Whole30 works! My body is cleaning out itself and shifting to a new energy source (fat rather than sugar). It’s hard on a body!

Since I’m writing this late (yesterday was absolutely insane with work), I can’t remember everything I ate. But I remember it all being delicious and wholesome! :)

And for day seven, things are going better than yesterday! I woke up feeling like I wasn’t going to fight off the day. I’m still working on getting my energy back up, but today started to head in the right direction.

And it’s weird but my need for snacks in the morning and afternoon have gone down. Sometimes I run into hunger right before bed, but tea helps with that.

Even better, my rehearsal got done early tonight so I’ll be able to get to bed early!


  • Breakfast: 3-egg omelet with pico de gallo
  • Lunch: Cafe Rio chicken salad with guac and pico only
  • Dinner: Lettuce wraps with beef and onions

Now this girl really wants to get an early start on sleep since I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow. Check in later!


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