Day 9 & 10 – Struggling…

What I wouldn’t give for a big bowl of chicken noodle soup right now. With saltines. And hot cocoa.

One of the things that the Whole30 way of eating focuses on is consuming foods that don’t cause inflammation of the body. Well, I’m here to tell you this… they obviously weren’t talking about inflammation of the sinuses.

Girl has a sinus infection. And it sucks major balls.

Yesterday was just a hard day all around (doctor, friend frustrations, a snow storm, and leaving my groceries at the office on accident). I got ideas from my coworkers about making homemade chicken noodle soup with shiratake noodles, which are made from some kind of plant root kind of like a yam… or something like that. Since I didn’t end up having rehearsal due to a major snow storm, I was able to make the soup but it was… not good. The broth and carrots were the best part. The chicken was made from frozen chicken thighs from Costco (fairly old though) and tasted horrendous, practically triggering my gag reflex. The noodles turned out to be okay, but man… was that meal discouraging!

Least to say I made friends with a spoonful of almond butter and an organic nut-and-berry bar before going to bed uncharacteristically early. Yay for 10 hours of sleep though!

On the topic of gag reflex, mine seems to have gotten worse over the last couple days. Avocados are starting to be hard to eat plain. Gotsta be on a salad or in guacamole.

Another thing I’ve been struggling with is that it feels like this is getting really expensive! When you think of price per calorie, eating wholesome foods and satisfying yourself can cost quite a bit. Meats are expensive! Not to mention I now have to dump the bag of chicken thighs I’ve been holding onto. No joke when I say it tasted bad. I’ll be buying fresh, free-range chicken next time. Just the cost of all this food may put me over the edge.

More positive things! I bought some ground lamb yesterday while waiting for my prescription to be filled. The recipe on the back (lamb-stuffed mushrooms) seriously sounded delightful, so I’ll be trying that recipe on Sunday. I’m also intrigued to try cage-free, grain-fed chicken eggs. :)

Day 9 Meals

  • Breakfast: 3-eggs made with almond milk, apple
  • Lunch: spinach, shredded carrots, olive oil, avocado
  • Snack: almonds
  • Dinner: the failed chicken noodle soup, almond butter and nut-and-fruit bar

Day 10 Meals

  • Breakfast: almond butter with apple (that’s all I had since I left my groceries at work)
  • Lunch: leftover chicken noodle soup
  • Snack: almonds and cashews
  • Dinner: I plan on making sautéed vegetables with some of that new ground lamb

I’m finding more people who have done the Whole30 though and it seems like this tends to be the most “struggled with” time.

Looking forward to better times!


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