Day 25 – 27 of #Whole30 ~ Is it over yet?

One thing that the Whole30 timeline doesn’t mention is the couple of days near the end where the only thing on your mind is, “When will this be over?”

I don’t know if I’m just one out of a million, but I’m ready for the Whole30 to be finished. I’m feeling good, eating well, sleeping better, and my clothes are either fitting much better or falling off my behind… but now the pressure of cooking every meal is just getting tiresome. While it’s been awesome, I’m going to need some more convenience in the next month because of an insane work and rehearsal schedule. When you only have an hour between getting home and having to leave for rehearsal, it’s hard to put together a meal that isn’t simple with short prep time. My variety is in short supply… that’s not exactly a recipe for long term success. I’m not saying I want to resort to processed foods (ew!), but I’d like to be able to eat things that don’t require a whole shebang to prepare. Like an almond butter and jelly sandwich.

The thing is, I still want to eat well! If this month has taught me anything, it’s this: you really are what you eat. And in that, if you’re eating wholesome, fresh and non-processed foods, your body works in top notch form without much effort. That’s basically the whole premise of It Starts With Food. PS: That book is definitely worth a read.

I did try cooking my eggs another way today and those turned out to be tasty. Finally feel safe enough in my cooking skills that I can experiment more!

Only a couple more days!


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