The Future Me

Heather (madtownmotzie) mentioned her Goal self in her blog yesterday and today I stumbled across an article talking about how how helpful being connected to your future self can be to your slimming down, healthier and happier you.  I see that as a sign from the universe that I should talk about what my future self is so I too can connect with it.

The future me:

  • is active, strong, and loves to get up and move!
  • says no to food-pushers and is assertive in getting exactly what kinds of food she wants/needs.
  • can stop eating favorite sweets (known to present self as triggers) after one serving instead of devouring the whole bag (especially in one sitting).
  • is willing to try new foods even if the task seems daunting. But still has every right to spit it out if it tastes nasty. ;)
  • picks wholesome and healthy foods a majority of the time.
  • knows how to cook… preferably well.

The future me is also singing record-breaking albums and touring the world in sold-out concerts… either that or performing on Broadway.  … … Well, one can dream and strive for that right?  Haha!

What is the future/goal you like?



Ugh… I hate coming home.  It’s so depressing.  And it doesn’t help that I always come home to rain and I hate rain!

On the upside–my pants feel looser!  Now if only the buttocks would firm up.  That’s the tough part.  Must have been all the dancing this weekend though.  It was so fun!  Much needed. 

Stress from home evaded me until I hit Vegas in a sense, then something “started”, and last night a whole bunch of carp hit the fan in the cleanest yet messiest way ever.  If that made any sense to you, you are now my new best friend.  ;)  Zumba tonight will help. I find that being active helps keep my mind off it.  But hopefully I can take care of the issue after work. A lot of my weeklies have gone to… ahem… yeah. Helpers of stress in the means of chocolate and alcohol.  Luckily the dancing balances it out nicely!  Haha!

Oh my gosh! I just remembered I’m going to a black tie gala dinner tomorrow night. Eesh, I don’t know what to wear, what food will be served or anything!  Hopefully something tasty but still plan friendly. 

Is it bad to go below the 2 pound leeway for your Lifetime?  What happens if you do?  I’ve been curious about this lately.

A Glee-Ful Weekend

I’m so proud of myself!  Not only did I have a blast at the Glee Live concert last night, but I’ve been so OP I’m surprised!  Usually when I travel at all, my plans to stay on plan go a little caput.  Maybe my weigh in Friday before I left town helped some… I weighed in at just a little beneath my goal! Booyah!

My snacks during my 6 hours drives have been good, tasty and good for me. I’ve been drinking my water.  I walked around in Arizona yesterday while meeting my new friend and trying to find some place to eat. We stopped at a Thai food place and I got the pad thai but only ate half.  It was way filling!  After the concert, we even went and did karaoke where I tried one drink.  Still OP and within my points and everything!  Then today, I got good snacks for my drive home like those little package cups of pineapple and a snack wrap and parfait from McDonalds.  So I’ve been on plan and fairly active!  Tonight is dancing night and I can’t wait to go bust it with my girl.  And on top of that all… everything is tracked!  Yes, an active and plan friendly weekend while traveling.. this is a first for me and I’m so thrilled!

Ok, I have to talk about the Glee concert now. AMAZING! My goodness, one of the very best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  The energy, stamina, vocals, dancing, and pyrotchnics were all pretty much awesome.  Those people are so unbelievably talented… and so much better in person in every way. I actually never thought Finn was cute until last night!  Santana can really wail!  Sometimes it seemed like she was straining a little bit, but I love that they showcase her voice more–she’s really quite good.  She was the best surprise of the show, I must say. Rachel and Mercedes hit INSANE notes, like multiple times during the course of the night.  I can’t recall any of them ever cracking or anything.  It was a flawless performance besides a couple microphone issues.  Curt was simply fabulous!  He even gave a wave those of us who waited by the doors for them to show up to prepare for the show, along with Puck. The person who stole the show though was Mercedes.  Her emotion and vocals were spot on and her energy was carried clear to the back of the humongous Dodge Theater.  The energy from the cast was so strong that I could feel the chemistry between Rachel and Finn when they sang together *sigh*

Oh and I was interviewed by USA Today about the concert… check it out if you want ;)

I drive home Tuesday after a day of rest tomorrow since I’ve driven for 5+ hours for each of the past 3 days… I need a break! Haha. Staying OP while travelling is actually really nice.  It’s like I can still have fun and enjoy myself without going overboard. LOVE!

Gotta fly but I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Want to be Better

My muscles are slowly and surely getting better in the pain department.  Haha!  I definitely need a full night of sleep tonight to recover.  Tomorrow is going to be insane.  It’s the BF’s birthday and so a lot is going down, I’m sure. 

Question: We are all doing WW to better ourselves right?  Better ourselves in many ways by eating healthier, incorporating activity, and just all around leading a healthy life? 

Is it so wrong to want someone else to be better too?  Like they don’t realize how good they could have it but they settle for a lot less?  That’s an awful feeling.  You want to help but you don’t want to get in their business or make them angry.  Would it be wrong to scream in their faces– “You could do so much better!”? 

I’m very proud of my brother this week: he’s hit the gym a few times because his best friend is “forcing” him to go with him.  I can already see a difference in him. 

I’m proud of my mom for hopping back with WW. Except it’s really funny when I tell her that no matter what Creamies are 2 points and not 1. 

I struggle with the concept of settling so that may be way it irks me that some people don’t push to their full potential even when it’s there Why wouldn’t everyone push to their best?  It’s not a perfectionist quality–it’s just hope!  A hope to be a better person in every aspect of life.  Or am I just alone in wondering about stuff like this?

*goes off to ponder*

Do or do not… there is no try

After yesterday’s post, I was so stoked for my workout that I had planned. I learned that it takes the body 15 minutes to warm up enough to start burning fat. So I did 15 minutes of circuit training before hopping on the elliptical for an hour (I usually do it the other way around). After, I felt amazing… ly sore! Haha. But it was nice to expel all my negative energy.

This week has been interesting as far as WW goes. I’m making a lot of realizations that are so obvious but so easy to forget. Like tracking. No matter what I eat, I need to write it down even if I’m afraid of falling out of my DP or my weeklies. It doesn’t matter if I write it or not–it shows on the scale. Same goes with exercise–you have to plan it, do it, and write it down because that shows as well. Accountability is everything unfortunately.

These things just need to be done! It’s why WW is so effective. After all, we are all doing this for ourselves right? So why not expect the best? Which means writing it down even if we fall off the wagon for a moment (or a day). No one else will do it for us. We need to be responsible and aware of what we do. And just do it!

That’s going to be my objective for the next few weeks: track everything no matter what & exercise at least 5 days a week.

Who’s with me?!

*please cheer so what I say next applies*

The force is strong… in us, it is! ;)

Get Me Outta Here!

I don’t think I’ve ever been this bored or felt more stuck in my life.  I could just be in some weird funk like I was in January… whatever it is, I’m just sick of this.  Even my creative side is experiencing a depletion. It’s very sad.

I’m bored at my job. I do the same things over and over again. I’m stuck at a desk. Nothing is ever new. I’m so bored that I get distracted from what I’m supposed to do.  I hope I really get this internship for the fall that I’ve been looking forward too… That would break up the mundane-ness a little. My boss loves me and they are already dreading my departure when I graduate. Why walk away from a decent job like this?  Boredom isn’t reason enough unfortunately… And money is much needed.

And I’m so sick of school!  If it weren’t for my stupid foreign language requirement (4 stinking semesters!) I could have been done this spring.  But no… I don’t finish for another year–another year of just filler easy courses since the rest of my requirements are done. I’ve arranged my fall schedule so I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays so that will be nice (especially for that internship and my job). 

All I can ever think about is what I want to do when I get done with school.  Live and work in Italy for 2-4 months.  Do the Walt Disney World path for half a year like one of my best friends (he’s a character for them doing their College Program).  Move to California.  Audition and participate in plays and musicals.  Record more often, write and read more too. There’s so much I want to do but I feel like I can’t because school has to come first. *blows raspberry*

This week has just been a roller coaster. I’m good… then I indulge in treats because of my crappy mood. Which in turn puts me in a worse mood.  I know that those kinds of foods do not benefit me in any way yet I still eat them.  They taste good and are extremely comforting to the “stuck student” in me.  Last night, I ate almost every dessert in the house.

Good news: The culprit has been discovered. I’m not exercising as much as I have been this year.  I just realized that I was in a stellar mood, had much more energy, can stay focused better, and lots of other good things when I was exercising nearly every day.  But then deadlines and homework came up so activity got the back burner.

Starting to exercise again tonight! No excuses! Hopefully that will help alleviate my boredom…

*steps of soapbox* (forgive me!)

Breezy Brain

Today my brain feels sooo weird. It’s like I’m here but I’m not… *cricket cricket*

Anyhoo! I went to Zumba last night and had a blast! I requested that we do my favorite song and Brittni (the instructor) did it! Have I expressed how much I love Zumba? ;) And my cold is still on its way out the door! Boo-yah!

We went to my cousins 13th birthday party after that for cake and ice cream. No ice cream for me. For the cake, I had them cut my piece in half and give the other half to my grandma… So I indulged but not too much. The cake was uber yummy, no complaints here. Might have cancelled out half of Zumba, but I’ll live. I’ve been very OP this week. It’s one (half) piece of cake, not feeling guilty, and moving on! =)

I’m feeling elliptical tonight while I catch up on the Top 12 Idol Men that I missed last night. If I don’t crash on my bed when I get home.

I really can’t explain it. My mind just feels, for lack of a better phrase, like a furry kitten spinning in circles after trying to follow a spinning toy. Or like it’s a little puff ball not really sure what to do or make of anything. Except it feels heavy too. Ah, just put squiggles over my eyes like in the cartoons and we’ll call it good.

Maybe I need a steak… they fix everything! XD

Have a thuper-duper Thursday!

Drop Back In

Ack… I feel like such a bad WWer.
I get Lifetime then I don’t track for a week– :(
In my defense here, I was in and out of the hospital all week and homework was overwhelming me. No time to work out…nothing good this week!
Went to Vegas and danced off whatever I gained. — :)
Missed my meeting because I left on Friday but I worked my a$ off hip-hop dancing on Valentines and had a blast!
Tried to track after returning home, but did a sloppy job. –:S

Got hit with a nasty cold and have overdosed on OJ which certainly isn’t point-free.

Let’s just say I’m surprised I’m not higher on the scale. I’m slightly out of my Lifetime range, but if I work really hard this week I should drop right back into it.
I’m still recovering from my cold (my throat feels like I swallowed a knife) but I’m back into tracking accurately as of this morning! I didn’t go to my meeting (shame on me!) but I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.
Tracking every day, blogging as much as I can, and exercise are coming back into my life!  I felt so off not having them there that I’m not even sure why I stopped.  I was mad at myself but now that I’m back–I’m thrilled!
Hope ya’ll are having fabulous weekends!

The Golden Key

Yesterday I was all pumped for this morning’s weigh in.  This morning, I woke up and was feeling fantastic.  I drove to my WW meeting, stepped on the scale and…

MAINTAINED!  Haha, so weird to think one could be so happy for maintaining! But guess what that means?


Yes, the caps were necessary.  I was pretty much squealing and doing happy dances all over the place.  In my meeting, they gave me my Golden Key to free meetings so long as I stay below two pounds above my goal. I’ve hooked it onto my 10% goal keychain already, right next to my Silver Star.  Looks pretty fantastic if you ask me.

And reaching this has instilled the motivation in me to keep with the program.  I have heard that some people, once they reach goal, feel like they can “stop”.  That’s not how it is with WW–they’ve given you the tools to lose and those tools are necessary for keeping it off.

I’m off for a very busy weekend. I’m going to do my best staying OP since being with my best friend for the Super Bowl might be a little tough. But I’m going to try and stay smart!

Have a wonderful, superb weekend everyone! Good luck with your weight loss journeys!  Always remember… YOU CAN DO IT!