L4G: Week 2 Results

Yep, yep, yep. Still doing this even though this week wasn’t my best. I didn’t get to go to my meeting but I still weighed in at home. Stats if you please!

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this weeks:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- B:156.6 lbs | WW: 157.2 lbs –> B: 156.0 | WW: 156.6 (well, that’s what it would be because of my clothes so that’s what I’m putting in my tracker)
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.5 in –> 41.25 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 27 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 22.5 in –> 22 in

So no inches gained! Victory there! In fact, I lost .75 inches and .6 lbs. Not too shabby for having a fairly crappy start to this past week. Maybe last week I stayed the same because of TOM… that could be it. Lots of factors going into this. Haha!

I’m still attributing this success solely to my activity this week. 30 APs even though I ate about 10 of them. This week will be better food-wise. Control will be maintained again! TOM won’t be in the way with all it’s emotional-ness and the synonymous bottomless pit syndrome. I’m still a bit emotional but it’s more like, “Oh, what a sad song! I’m going to shed a tear!” not like a stuff my face because I can’t get a grip on my stressful life.

Hopefully I can find a meeting I can go to before next weekend so I can finally get my new WW booklet!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Being specific with goals…

Goals are a great way to set yourself up to be better in some way… like getting your 8 glasses of water, eating 1 fruit/veggie per meal, training for a 5K at the end of the month, lose 10 inches all over before your next birthday, etc.  There are lots of different goals you can set for yourself.  They can be a great motivator to keep going with your program.

More than a few articles I have read lately bring up the idea of being SMART about setting goals.

M– measurable
A– attainable
R– realistic
T– timely

This has made me largely rethink my goals now and potential future goals.  I usually just see at the bigger picture of what I want.  What I say I will do doesn’t always contribute to what I want to achieve and sometimes what I want to achieve requires different sets of actions.  Where I usually lack in the SMART chart is specificity, measurable, realistic, and timely.  I’m usually good at picking attainable things.  If you look at my last operation, my objective was just to look and feel great for going to Vegas.  It’s not specific or measurable really.  I gave myself a week to do this, and in the end I did feel great.

My problem right now is… I’m not sure what I want my goals to be.  Largely this is because I am perfectly happy where I am and I’m trying to not focus so much on “counting”.  But the analyst in me has me thinking about how many calories/points things are, what activity I’m doing to do tonight, and why my body just can’t seem to stay in one spot consistently all the time.  But I love my body so it’s… I don’t know, but it’s weird. I want goals but I have no idea what I want to achieve right now (besides getting back into my WW Lifetime range then staying consistently at one weight…).

The goals I originally wanted for OBU don’t seem specific or SMART enough to me.  In retrospect, the operation seemed more just like a criteria list of what I should do–too much to do at once unless I’m going for an intensive week like 5 to Vegas. While I like doing a lot of the things on that list, like getting in my green tea every morning, striving for activity every day, staying away from soda, picking wholesome foods more often… a specific end-result is not clear.  It’s like the goal isn’t complete. Which is why I’ve not been following it very well… Gotta be honest here.

What are your thoughts on SMART concept with goals?  How do you come up with goals that make you want to keep going with it?  Which aspect of a goal do you think is the most important? Please let’s discuss this!  I’m dying to know what everyone thinks…

Here it comes…

Tomorrow is the day… The day a new Leader may join my world.  Many emotions are coursing through me: anxiety, wonderment, curiosity, and sadness.  Gordon won’t be there anymore.  In comes Amy.  Well, I think that’s what they said her name was.

I’m debating whether I even want to go at this point… Even though, I’m dying to see how Amy fits in with our group during her first week with us Saturday comers.  This week really has been a struggle for me even though some of you said it wasn’t that bad a couple days ago… I missed a workout last night because I was so tired.  And pretzel M&M’s were around and we all know the effect they have on me (sweet and salty? MUST EAT THEM ALL).  Luckily it wasn’t a whole bag this time…

It’s the first WI of the month which would mean I can’t “skip” stepping on the scale like I want to.  I always do it at home beforehand to make sure… but I’m seriously afraid that I’m above my Lifetime range and I really don’t want to pay for a meeting.  My funds are being put on a freeze as of today. No more extraneous spending.  I simply can’t afford it.  That…. and I don’t know where my Lifetime bookmark is that has Bravo stickers for each month I’ve weighed in in my Lifetime range.  People cleaned out my room last week and I have no idea where they put it (or if they threw it away).  I NEED MY BOOKMARK!

Working out tonight.  Before girls night.  No questions asked.  Except what movie I’ll watch while I bust out the elliptical.  I love how sweaty I get after just 8 minutes on that thing… it’s awesome. And I’m track to have an awesomely on plan day with plenty of fruits and veggies.  =)

I’m ready for a much better work!  Bring it on, new Leader!

Any fun plans for this weekend?

Good vs Bad vs You

Throughout my life, even more so now that I’ve been a part of a weight loss community for a year and a half, I hear people say “I’ve been so good on my program!” or “I had a bad meal/day/week.” Foods apparently have labels: bad and good.  But mostly it’s behavior towards those foods or activity that is often commentated on during our journey.  I know… I was one of them.

But now, I’m realizing that although certain foods are not good for your body, that doesn’t mean it is a “bad thing” to consume them or in large amounts.  Likely there is a reason for eating it, may it be a special occasion or simply because of emotions.  If I say that I’ve been bad with my program, it makes me feel like I should reprimand myself… and I’ve grown to realize that that’s not very conducive to a healthy lifestyle.  This isn’t kindergarten anymore.  A slap on the hand for “bad behavior” will just sting but it won’t teach you a lesson…

As we each go on our journeys, there are things we want to accomplish, foods we want to avoid, and learn the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A large part of that is staying true to you. So I like to eat cookie dough and cake batter!  So what?  I track it and I don’t consider it bad behavior. It’s what I like to do and I can’t imagine living my life without that indulgence.  Sometimes I’ll have a free day (like this weekend) or fall victim to my ultimate trigger food (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).  That doesn’t mean I’m not still striving for a healthy lifestyle. Times like these I usually see as planned indulgence or learning experiences… instead of viewing them as bad behavior.

Back before WW, I would seriously buy bags upon bags of candy, store them in my room and eat them as I lounged.  Thus I gained close to 30 pounds because I stopped dancing.  I don’t do that any more.  I’ve learned how my body doesn’t like being subjected repeatedly to junk foods because the next day I feel really sluggish.  It really likes the healthy foods and being active! (Note: I didn’t say good foods.)

Ultimately though, I’ve learned that the foods I love that most people consider “bad” don’t have to be exempt from my life.  I still enjoy them!  I just eat them a lot less often than I used to. It really is all about moderation…

I think the trick here is to find out what works for you!  No one is the same.  If you can go cold turkey from soda, sugar, etc., good for you!  Not everyone can do that though.  Most of us still need a little indulgence, and I see nothing wrong with that. Slip ups are bound to happen… and like I’ve said before, you can’t grow without backtracking a little.  All you can do is make it work for you and your program.

Me?  I’ll keep my cookie dough.  I’m doing the best that I can and even when I’m not, I know I’m still making a difference because I’ve already started the journey, learned from my slips, and living a healthier life.  I’m neither good nor bad.  I’m just me and that’s perfectly fine.

Good luck with your acceptance of what works with your program… and yourself!  You’ve already taken the first steps and now all you need to do is to keep walking despite the cracks in the sidewalk.

Re-Evaluation Time!

So with my new Operation BU, I’ve decided to do a bit of evaluating of my habits, eating, exercise, so on, and so forth… This also comes with losing my tracking capabilities on WW.

If you remember from about 3 weeks ago, I made the decision to drop my WW eTools subscription because I need to rein in my spending.  This week, it disappeared for good.  This meant that I needed to track my foods elsewhere.  So I turned to SparkPeople.com…. it’s free to track my food and exercise and has an insane database of both, not to mention lots of articles and a good community.  I’m still incredibly partial to my WW community though… You guys are the best, seriously. We have history. I can’t just leave you guys. ;-)

However, there is a huge difference in tracking: SP tracks calories, fat, carbs, protein, and whatever other nutrient you want.  They don’t use a Point system, so these past couple weeks of getting used to that have been interesting to say the least.  I realized this morning that I was eating more than I should be if I wanted to lose a just bit more.  So I changed up my goals there so I’ll be eating 1200-1550 calories a day. Personally, I’m liking the caloric range that SP gives instead of one set number. It let’s me feel not as restricted. I’m not saying the Points system is bad in anyway, but after becoming a Lifetime member, the Point “ceiling” left me feeling restricted/guilty/what have you. So right now, I think this new path is good for me.

Food wise, I’m experimenting more with foods, trying new things, having more substantial breakfasts, and making good choices as often as I possibly can.  I learned recently that people who drink milk (even chocolate) have better success in losing and maintaining because of all it can do to help muscles develop and all the nutrients and vitamins in it.  So I’m working on incorporating it into my day-to-day life more.

On the activity side, I love doing something every day if other life obligations don’t get in the way.  And now, I have Zumba DVD’s that I cannot wait to bust into tonight.

Now I just need to work on keeping this up, make it more automatic, which is why an Operation focusing on such things.  I may be a Lifetime WW member, but there’s still always room to be a better you!

Thus OBU! =) Haha, hope you liked my little analysis of sorts.

How often do you take a step back and take a look at what you are doing at your program, checking to be sure it’s what you want to be doing, and how you can make it better?


Operation Before University!  The acronym came first actually because OBU sounds like “Oh, Be You!” Like be myself while keeping up my healthy habits!  I’d like to thank Heather (madtownmotzie) for her input though!  Back 2 School is what the idea stemmed from. =)

So from now to August 21 (the Saturday before my fall semester at Uni & OSY starts), there’s un new challenge for me! A refresher of criteria? Yes please!

  • Track all the foods/activity/drinks!
  • Swallow vitamins every day!
  • Get some form of activity every day! (Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes)
  • Drink only water, tea, and milk… no soda! In fact, drink more milk.
  • Work on adapting better sleep patterns!
  • Choose wholesome foods 80% of the time! (Aw, come on, I’m being realistic!)

And maybe by the time the school year starts I can be at a steady weight since the summer has been a bit of a small roller coaster.  I missed my weigh in this past weekend because of Vegas, but I’ll WI this Saturday as usual and determine what will be a doable and reasonable goal. Maybe start taking tape measurements as well.

In other news, someone stole my string cheese from the communal fridge by my cubicle.  I’m very, very, very upset about this.
(“You don’t look upset.” — “It’s the botox. I can’t show emotion for an hour and a half!”)
No, but really I am.  I posted a lovely tweet about it, let me tell ya.  Someone said for me not to be a hater, but as long as my stomach is grumbling, I’ll hate all I want, thankyouverymuch!

Back to the positive side of me… let’s go OBU! Man, I love the ring of that. =)

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Good luck getting over whatever humps may be plaguing your day!

Horribly Scatterbrained

I left my ID, 2 credit cards, and Blackberry at home today… All because of the stress I’m undergoing because of my body. I’m seriously reconsidering my competency to even work today. That and I’m just fighting back the tears at my desk. Forgive me, but I need to get out my frustrations.

Last week, I started taking BC just to be safe rather than sorry and I’d rather be prepared when that “time” comes.  Now I’m seriously considering going off it.  Here’s my reasoning: (warning–potential TMI)

Reason #1 BC Gets Chucked~ I had broken out (acne) shortly before and it was just about gone when I started BC (Tommy does that, totally expected and doable). My acne flared up even worse after starting BC. My skin hasn’t been subjected to this bad of acne in two years. It’s bad. It’s only because of diligent use of my Proactiv system twice a day that it even is improving at a decrepit, old snail-like pace. That and the application of Neosporin twice daily as well on the ones that I couldn’t help but try and get rid of with my fingers (thus becoming sores). It’s bad. I’m never self-conscious about my skin… never. And now I’m truly embarrassed to be see in public because of how bad my face is. =(

Reason #2 BC Drives Me Nuts~ I’ve felt bloated for the past week. Not horrible, but its not comfortable in the slightest. I’d like to be able to look in the mirror and see the muscles that were there last week. (Yes, I miss my amazing abs… I’m not ashamed to admit it.) And my pants that are usually way loose aren’t. Just comfortable. Worries me.

Now the clincher…

Reason #3 BC Deserves to Die~ I weigh myself daily (don’t tell me to not… it works for me).  I understand the daily fluctuations of my body. I know that if I eat a particularly sodium filled or steak dinner, I’ll likely be up a few ounces to a pound… but that goes away.  True to form, I weighed myself the day I went into the OB/GYN.  One day later, I was up a pound. Two days, my WI day, I was up a little more.  And it hasn’t let up.  Since starting BC, I’m up nearly 4 pounds as of my scale this morning.
I know that this week has been a struggle foodwise–I don’t have any weeklies left but activity points are still plentiful and that usually means I’m ok. I’ve been active nearly every single day, even getting some great workouts like pole fitness (still sore too!), Zumba, a wonderful hour-long park workout, and walking all over downtown yesterday. I get well over my water (have for years so it’s natural for me to drink 100+ oz), fruits and veggies are never forgotten, same as my daily multivitamin, and I have at least one cup of green tea a day. A gain of this magnitude is completely unwarranted. Is it even normal?

I know people say to wait to let the hormones in your body regulate after starting BC, but at this rate I’m terrified to continue and it’s only been barely over a week. I literally cannot watch that scale go any higher and the acne certainly cannot stay. This is my first emotional moment since starting so I don’t think I’m having issues with that. The scale this morning pushed me over the edge.

So here’s my plan for this coming week:

  • Stick to my dailies and if I need to dip into weeklies, no more than 5 a day though at most.
  • Get as many of my GHG’s as possible, which ultimately means I need to refrain from extraneous spending of points on not-as-healthy foods.
  • Cut out diet soda as much as it kills me.
  • Exercise everyday. I’m setting up a daily plan on this right now. No excuses. I’m even considering canceling my plans tonight just so I can get in a decent workout… (then wallow in my room covering my face)

If there is no improvement within a week, I may just have a heart attack and die. Or just stop taking the BC. If there’s improvement, then I’ll at least finish this pack of pills.

I’m open to thoughts on this… I’ll step off my soap box now. Venting was much needed. Maybe now I can get some work done…

Wondering Wednesday

First off, does anyone know if the WW community is offered free or do you have to have an eTools subscription for it?

The reason I ask is that my financial situation is a little… low… from Italy and my income is just going downhill because of my internship this fall so I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the eTools much longer. I’ll still track, either by a 3 month tracker or one of the websites that offers free tracking.  I know the Points tracker is for sure included with the eTools, but other than that I have no idea what is free and what isn’t. I’d still like to stick around in the community and that’s why I’m asking. The blogs I read are so inspirational and enlightening and everyone is pretty much amazing… Saying goodbye just isn’t an option for me.

If any of you are on SparkPeople (where I’d likely track my food), please tell me! =)

Next question(s) to those of you who are on or have been on birth control pills: Did they affect your ability to lose/maintain weight? Did you notice an increase in appetite when you started taking them?

Thanks everyone!

A Glee-Ful Weekend

I’m so proud of myself!  Not only did I have a blast at the Glee Live concert last night, but I’ve been so OP I’m surprised!  Usually when I travel at all, my plans to stay on plan go a little caput.  Maybe my weigh in Friday before I left town helped some… I weighed in at just a little beneath my goal! Booyah!

My snacks during my 6 hours drives have been good, tasty and good for me. I’ve been drinking my water.  I walked around in Arizona yesterday while meeting my new friend and trying to find some place to eat. We stopped at a Thai food place and I got the pad thai but only ate half.  It was way filling!  After the concert, we even went and did karaoke where I tried one drink.  Still OP and within my points and everything!  Then today, I got good snacks for my drive home like those little package cups of pineapple and a snack wrap and parfait from McDonalds.  So I’ve been on plan and fairly active!  Tonight is dancing night and I can’t wait to go bust it with my girl.  And on top of that all… everything is tracked!  Yes, an active and plan friendly weekend while traveling.. this is a first for me and I’m so thrilled!

Ok, I have to talk about the Glee concert now. AMAZING! My goodness, one of the very best concerts I’ve seen in a while.  The energy, stamina, vocals, dancing, and pyrotchnics were all pretty much awesome.  Those people are so unbelievably talented… and so much better in person in every way. I actually never thought Finn was cute until last night!  Santana can really wail!  Sometimes it seemed like she was straining a little bit, but I love that they showcase her voice more–she’s really quite good.  She was the best surprise of the show, I must say. Rachel and Mercedes hit INSANE notes, like multiple times during the course of the night.  I can’t recall any of them ever cracking or anything.  It was a flawless performance besides a couple microphone issues.  Curt was simply fabulous!  He even gave a wave those of us who waited by the doors for them to show up to prepare for the show, along with Puck. The person who stole the show though was Mercedes.  Her emotion and vocals were spot on and her energy was carried clear to the back of the humongous Dodge Theater.  The energy from the cast was so strong that I could feel the chemistry between Rachel and Finn when they sang together *sigh*

Oh and I was interviewed by USA Today about the concert… check it out if you want ;)

I drive home Tuesday after a day of rest tomorrow since I’ve driven for 5+ hours for each of the past 3 days… I need a break! Haha. Staying OP while travelling is actually really nice.  It’s like I can still have fun and enjoy myself without going overboard. LOVE!

Gotta fly but I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Feeling Good!

Got up way too early this morning to go to that audition… Turns out I can tell you what it is, but I can’t tell you if I make it or not. I asked!

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent.  I won’t find out if I made it or not until May 1st, but if I do–that’s when I can’t say anything about it ;)

Audition went really well! The local radio station producers who were hosting the filming of the auditions said I did great, so that was really assuring.  They are going to send all the audition tapes to the AGT producers and they pick who they want to come for a live audition in NYC.  *fingers crossed*
So even though I missed my meeting for the audition, I weighed myself at home.  I’m not sure if I can count it or not, but I really really really want to. You know how my activity points were high just over the past weekend?  I maintained activity every day this week and tracked every BLT even though I dipped way into my APs… it showed on the scale! Down nearly a pound. I know I’m supposed to be maintaining, but I’d rather really start maintaining when I hit below my goal since I have that two-pound leeway.  Is that bad? Haha…
Though I’m in a great mood, I’m now exhausted. After the audition jitters escape me, I’m ready to relax. =)
Do you like to use weekends to unwind or tackle all the tasks you couldn’t get to during the week?