The first step … Tracking

Since re-starting WW this week, I’m learning that you can’t just go gung-ho on every single aspect of the program. You can–it’s definitely possible but that’s not a smart way to adjust to a healthy lifestyle. It can be too overwhelming.

It all starts with baby steps and little things. That’s how to ensure the changes become habits rather than some fad for a couple weeks or months.

So this week, while I’m consciously trying to make better choices, my main focus is just tracking everything. Track ALL the things. Yes, let’s do it!

I won’t lie; it feels good to track flawlessly again. Bathroom breaks–my iPhone is with me as I pull up my WW app to track things like the chicken fried steak I had for dinner last night since I was on a date and … let’s face it, date etiquette does not allow for cell phones to be out, even for tracking.

Wasn’t my best choice in food, but I was craving chicken fried steak (would have been better if it was KFC–maybe next week). It’s not something I have often at all. And I made sure I ate all my veggies before the rest of the plate, so I didn’t even get through half of the mashed potatoes since I was satisfied with veggies and the steak pattie.

But you know what? That’s what I LOVE bout WW–you don’t have to deprive yourself of things you want. You just make your indulgences work with your plan and points. All there is to it.

At this point, I’m not sure what my next baby step will be for next week. I shall be brainstorming. If you have any suggestions, I’m open. :)

What was your first baby step in your weight loss journey?


On track for Thanksgiving!

I’ll admit that last week wasn’t my best… Rehearsals, work, plus late nights with friends on top of early mornings definitely left me utterly exhausted by the end of the week. I tried to track but the inconvenience of not being able to log in on Firefox didn’t help. My activity even suffered… I tried to make up for that by being ultra active during rehearsals.

Not this week though. This week I’m back and going strong! Having a great OP day today with even some Zumba thrown in the mix.

I arranged my Wendie Plan to have Thursday be my high point day. I think this will be a good way to not only let myself enjoy Thanksgiving but also not deprive myself from my favorite treats by being careful with what I consume on my lower point days. Wendie is awesome and I intend on working that plan this week.

Activity may be a challenge, but that’s why I did Zumba today for sure. I’m planning on going on Wednesday at my gym so hopefully that will help too…

GAH! Can you believe the holidays are here? It is seriously is blowing my mind that my mom already has the Christmas decorations up! Memo to time: SLOW DOWN. I’m not done with my graduate apps for USC yet so really… slow down. Haha!

I hope you all have been having a good holiday season so far! I’ll need to come catch up on some blogs when I get a breather. Just know I’m sending love all your way during this crazy time!


Good luck being on track and enjoying Thanksgiving!

Running on Low

My ideas on what to write about are on a low.  NaNoWriMo is stealing all my creative juices… and I’m even behind in that!

The only thing I can think about is the fact that my appetite over the past week has been minimal.  I have no idea why this has been the case.  Maybe I’m eating more satisfying foods or something, but it doesn’t feel like I’m even doing that.  Note the Skittles and PB M&M’s I ate following an intense discussion with My Man.  But I even spread those out over a couple days!

While in Vegas and California, I thought I would be tempted at every corner.  Nope, that didn’t happen so much.  In fact, there was probably one meal a day that I didn’t finish.  I wanted to try a burrito place by USC that I’d heard was good.  Got their smallest burrito and I could barely make it 3/4 of the way through it.

Now that I’ve stopped to think about it… I’ve had a substantial breakfast every day for the past week or so.  Maybe that is having something to do with my lack of appetite.  They haven’t been the most healthy breakfasts either. Cap’n Crunch Oops! All Berries are back in stores… I started my second box this morning–favorite!  But you know how they always say that breakfast is key to weight loss and also to curb cravings later in the day… perhaps that’s been my trick over the past little bit.

So remember folks… breakfast can make a difference! It gives your body a jump-start for the day and can help you eat less later on.  This reminds me of a saying I heard a while back:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.

Does it hold any truth?  No idea… not a bad thing to consider though.

REMEMBER TO TRACK! It seriously helps.

Happy Monday everyone!

PS:  Wendie Plan is pretty awesome… down 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Woot woot!

Enjoy it all… then track it!

So it’s been a crazy few days. Birthday was wonderful and relaxing with mani-pedis with my mom followed by a scrumptious birthday sushi dinner where I found a new favorite roll (Red Dragon… mmmmm!). And thank you all who sent me birthday wishes!

My birthday kind of extended into Friday when I got to see my man during my 3-hour layover in LA on my way to Sac Town. He’s so stinking sweet to me… But I have a feeling he wants to make me fat. Haha! Just kidding, but you may see why I said that in a moment. He picked me up, took me to breakfast and gave me a list of things for my birthday even though I was completely thrilled just to see him. He gave me a darling/funny card, two stunning and aromatic red roses, a bag of gummy bears (spaced out over two days) plus a huge slice of chocolate cake (which I couldn’t finish because the icing was too rich–but it was still delicious)…

Let me tell you, I was surely a sight trying to keep a grip on all of this along with my purse as I went through the airport security. Many people commented. Haha! I even found out later that a man I shared that next flight with saw me taking a picture of it–and he was a part of the wedding that I was on my way to as well! Kind of embarrassing but kind of funny too. Nice guy.

Then there were the wedding festivities… The night before, a big group of us went to this delightful Italian restaurant where the balsamic had me drooling over it the whole night. Seriously, it was like candy. I may have had a whole weeks’ worth of the daily oil requirement in just that evening. Delish! And then the food at the actual wedding was amazing too. The pork I had was perfectly cooked and moist–I could eat it every day if I could! And the wedding cake wasn’t bad either.

So yes, a lot of eating. However, I think I balanced it out well with activity. The bride and her bridesmaids wanted me to teach a pre-wedding Zumba session like I did at my step-brothers wedding over the summer. Imagine Zumba done in a humid hotel pool room. Talk about sweating buckets! On top of that, the band at the wedding was excellent so there was a lot of dancing to be done. I probably danced about 4 hours minimum that night… in heels even! So much fun!

Thing is, I never once tracked since Friday. My phone was being uber-glitchy so I didn’t want to put up with it (I think it knew it was about to be replaced with the new iPhone so it wanted to p!ss me off). But as soon as I got home, I tracked every single bit of the weekend. I went over my weeklies, but I still tracked it. I enjoyed every little bit of this weekend like I should and kept myself accountable. The scale was barely up when I weighed in yesterday so I think I hit a fairly good balance.

That’s really the key to all this though… Enjoyment, not deprivation–then track it! It’s all part of the plan! As long as you follow the plan, it’s not “cheating”. Everyone can make this work!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Much love!

Sharing the scale love…

My friend Maryann posted a great blog on “Loving the Scale” yesterday and I think it is worth sharing!

… it occurred to me this morning that there are an awful lot of people out there sweating their weekly weigh-in (or not weighing in at all). I see lots of posts like… “I weigh in tomorrow morning. I don’t think it’s going to be good.” or…. “I’m not sure how my weigh-in will go tomorrow.” But…. why?

Click to read more on her blog! She further gives you ways to think about why you shouldn’t fear the scale so much, but rather embrace it. You should subscribe to her–she’s an awesome no-nonsense Lifetimer at Goal with motivation and truth.

Happy Thursday!

The “C” Word

What do you think of when you see the word “cheat“?

Negative connotations, right?

I don’t know about you but I really despise this word. A lot of people use it in the “dieting” world and it’s rather tiresome.

  • “I totally cheated last night at Olive Garden and ate way too much.”
  • “My friend made me cheat by making me eat half of her chocolate bar.”
  • “If I eat it after 10 PM, it’s not cheating.”

The reason why I hate it? Take a look at the Merriam-Webster definition (with minimal condensing from me) and see if you can figure it out.

  1. to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something
  2. to take something from (someone) by lying or breaking a rule; to prevent (someone) from having something that he or she deserves or was expecting to get
  3. to avoid (something bad, dangerous, etc.) by being clever or lucky

Any guesses yet?

Cheating, to me, is an active, fully conscious act to gain something that may or may not be yours by means trickery and dishonesty–i.e. a conscious deception.

“Cheat” is not listed in my lifestyle dictionary. Everything that I do, what I eat and how often I exercise, is a choice that I make. Another a choice I make is to be honest–a trait that so-called cheating lacks.

This is where tracking what you eat and what kind of activity you participate in prevents “cheating” on a diet/lifestyle. An honest record of these things or even owning up to your choices cancels out any deception–so the “c” word doesn’t apply!

Somethings may not be as healthy but that’s just how it goes! So I like to eat brownie batter… who cares? I haven’t broken a rule or law, I haven’t prevented either myself or someone else to get what is expected, and I’m certainly not avoiding anything. This makes me feel that the word “cheat” is being used improperly.  I’m honest about it just as I should be; my stomach can feel it and the residual taste is still on my tongue. I know that I’ve done it. I make the choice to eat the batter and hold myself accountable for it.

Do you know what another choice of mine is? To live a life where I choose to progress in my health endeavors and not be deprived. I eat the batter–I combat it with a healthier choice next time or an extra ten minutes of dancing around my room naked. It’s not a step back so much as it is an opportunity to enjoy myself a little more for a moment. Things taste good–why not enjoy them?

This is why WeightWatchers trumps most other weight loss options. It encourages healthy choices but still allows you to enjoy the foods you love in moderation. No deprivation necessary. Not only that, but it encourages honesty and accountability with what goes into your body. The “c” word doesn’t apply if it’s part of the plan. ;)

So instead of “cheating” on a diet or lifestyle, simply own up to the fact that a decision is a decision. If you enjoy it, why should you consider it cheating anyway? A lifestyle is forever. If part of your lifestyle is enjoying a cookie every once in a while, there is nothing wrong with that. Just remember that you will always have control over your life even if you think you don’t at times.

Keep in mind this is just my opinion… I hope I’ve given you something to think about.

What’s your opinion on the “c” word?

You Need to Want It

I won’t lie… these past couple months (aside from the week leading up to BFF’s wedding) have not been good. I’m nearly ten pounds up from my supposed “happy” weight. My pants are a little snug now that I think about it. :(

Mostly I’ve eaten what I wanted and however much I wanted most of the time, tracked sporadically, but generally made good choices when not faced with treats. Or going out to eat adventures which have happened a lot more than I’d like to admit. With graduation, the stress of work, and all that jazz, it’s been crazy and that really transferred through in my dietary choices. Activity is the only thing that has been relatively constant and for that I’m grateful. I have news about a new fitness opportunity that I’ll fill you in on a little later.

Now I’ve settled into two part-time jobs, a news broadcasting internship and an admin assistant position. Let’s just say it was an absolute circus for most of May trying to get everything figured out and a trip to Vegas in the middle of it didn’t help.

It has been almost a constant battle since… Oh, snap! I can’t even pin it to a date/month/anything, so what does that tell you? It’s been a while. I’d tell myself that I want to make the changes back to my healthy habits but then I wouldn’t follow through. Apparently I didn’t want it badly enough because my efforts were less than lackluster. I’d start a day off great and then slip and slide until I went to bed. Or I’d make some really great choices but then I’d immediately follow it by a treat because I’d “worked” hard enough for it.

But I’ve had enough! This morning, I stood in front of my mirror for a good two minutes talking to myself.

No more excuses! You need to do this! You care enough about yourself and your body to know that your behavior has been completely unacceptable and inexcusable. You want to be healthy. You are strong and fit but the eating habits need a huge makeover. Though the habits have been there before, we all need to be reacquainted to be best friends again. Now is the only time to take these steps. Later doesn’t exist. Only now. And you want this now and forever! Plus, if you’re paying to use the online tools, why waste the money to not use them? You know you want this, just do it!”

So here I go… weighed and measured myself this morning. Wasn’t pretty but my new determination will help them get back to the “happy” zone. Tracking all the things (using Allie Brosh as inspiration for that)! And hopefully being able to provide support for you all here and to get it in return. I miss you guys so much, it’s not even fun.

I will no longer allow busy-ness to be an excuse to be lazy with my health.

A Wedding of a Weekend

I’m so exhausted from this weekend I could just collapse right now… 10+ hours on plane rides across the country over one weekend is pretty taxing.

Plan-wise, Friday was great. I was able to bend everything to limited white starches and stuff like that but have everything I wanted at the same time (like the key lime pie dessert at the rehearsal dinner–so delicious!). As far as working out goes, I managed to squeeze in a little strength training in the terminal since I was freezing and it was the only way to warm up since I had no blankets. Then clubbing that night allowed me to dance my heart out for a bit! Tracking was good too! So triple check!

The wedding day (Saturday) started even better even if it didn’t end that way… Only two check marks for the day. Woke up bright and early to go do an interval walk/run workout in the hotel’s fitness facility. I broke an amazing sweat before popping over to breakfast with the bride where oatmeal and a hard-boiled egg were my saviors. After that, it was time for all the bridesmaids to gather to get ready in a mass of hairspray and bobby pins. Let me just say that I haven’t felt so chic in my life! The side bun I had in my hair seemed only fitting for the runway… but it was pretty. The problem with getting ready and such led me to not eating much during the day. I will get to why it was a problem in just a little bit.

The wedding… was absolutely stunning! It almost didn’t happen since it was pouring buckets at our hotel and my bestie said there was no way she was going to be married inside a room. It was only windy at the beach but still worrisome. But seriously, right as she walked out from getting bride-ready–the sun came out! So the ceremony was wonderful. It was exactly how I had ever imagined a beach wedding would be. The bride was absolutely breathtaking and the groom recited vows that I wish someone will say about me one day. I was trying so hard not to cry but he broke me…

After the wedding, we all curtailed our tushes inside for cocktail hour… which is where the no food became a problem apparently. I wanted at least one good drink so I told the bar tender to make me the best thing he had (that didn’t contain tequila, that is) and it was one of the most delicious drinks I’ve ever had. The problem? It had about 5 different kinds of alcohol in it so I was buzzed after the first drink. Then my gay buddy wanted me to get another since he tried mine and said he wanted to drink one with me. Yep. A very bad idea on an empty stomach but I was oh-so compliant because it was oh-so yummy (and I was oh-so-prematurely buzzed).

As soon as dinner started, I downed pasta, a salad, wheat rolls, half of my chicken and a slice of chocolate wedding cake. When I reflect back on it, I actually didn’t eat that much because I didn’t finish anything except for the pasta and salad. It balanced since I hadn’t eaten much that day anyway. But then there was champagne for the toasts. Oh yeah, I forgot that there was a Pinot Noir as well. In my defense, I only drank that because no one was refilling water and I couldn’t find a pitcher to refill it myself so it was my only option–I was parched!

Let’s just say my head was spinning quite fast as we went into the after-party dance. My best friend was pleased when I told her that I did get drunk even if it wasn’t completely intentional (“That means the party was good then!” was what she said.) Had a good time with friends, puked a little, then passed out as soon as I got back to the hotel.

My roomie and I went on a 30 minute walk yesterday morning to scout out the area for breakfast, where I only ate a fraction of it because my stomach wasn’t feeling so hot which wasn’t helped by the flights soon after. Once I had some grease from Wendy’s and pepto in my system I felt much better.

All that and I’m down. Success! Makes me glad that I had a great week leading up to the wedding. Now I’m back and ready to go again! Must get to bed early tonight though…

Extra Points for Me!

When I focus on mainly getting in fruits and veggies, it astounds me of how many P+’s that I don’t eat. Reminder: I’m going to Fort Lauderdale for my BFF’s wedding this weekend and I’m looking smoking hot in that dress and on the beach. I want my pole-fitness-carved muscles to be popping! Which means cardio, fruits and veggies, minimal starches/grains/carbs (and if so, whole grains only and limited portions), lots of water, green tea, and some good protein.

Let me fill you in on what today has looked like food wise:

2 Gummy Vitamins
Yoplait Light Strawberry Yogurt

Morning Snacks
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup carrots
1 cup green tea

3-4 cups romaine lettuce
1 small cucumber
2 oz sliced turkey
10 sprays of Wish Bone Balsamic Vinaigrette

Afternoon Snacks
1/2 cup carrots
1 cup green tea
3 whole-grain pita crackers
1 T of peanut butter

1 cup cooked asparagus topped with 2 tsp olive oil
1 slice whole wheat bread
1.5 T of peanut butter
1 tsp of honey (me says natural sugars are ok! plus it satisfies my sweet tooth)
8 oz 1% milk
Fish oil/Vitamin C/Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc vitamins

Total P+ Used= 21
Total P+ Leftover= 8
(Total APs earned= 8)

Hmm… so let’s see here. I hit all of my GHG’s and I have points to spare. I ran into this yesterday as well when I only ended up using 22 P+ and feeling totally satisfied.

How can WW allow this to happen? I know their new program is meant to nudge you to make smarter choices, but are we really supposed to think we have to eat all those points in a day even if we are satisfied from making said better choices? 8 points leftover? And I’m not even considering eating another bite tonight. It blows my mind. My stomach actually almost feels extended from dinner! I think I read somewhere it’s not required like it used to be, but still… it almost makes me feel like I should be eating more even though, I’m totally satisfied.

L4G: Week 2 Results

Yep, yep, yep. Still doing this even though this week wasn’t my best. I didn’t get to go to my meeting but I still weighed in at home. Stats if you please!

Here are the measurements from last week compared to this weeks:
Height- 5’9″
Weight- B:156.6 lbs | WW: 157.2 lbs –> B: 156.0 | WW: 156.6 (well, that’s what it would be because of my clothes so that’s what I’m putting in my tracker)
Arms- 11 in –> 11 in
Hips- 41.5 in –> 41.25 in
Bust- 36 in –> 36 in
Waist- 27 in –> 27 in
Thighs- 22.5 in –> 22 in

So no inches gained! Victory there! In fact, I lost .75 inches and .6 lbs. Not too shabby for having a fairly crappy start to this past week. Maybe last week I stayed the same because of TOM… that could be it. Lots of factors going into this. Haha!

I’m still attributing this success solely to my activity this week. 30 APs even though I ate about 10 of them. This week will be better food-wise. Control will be maintained again! TOM won’t be in the way with all it’s emotional-ness and the synonymous bottomless pit syndrome. I’m still a bit emotional but it’s more like, “Oh, what a sad song! I’m going to shed a tear!” not like a stuff my face because I can’t get a grip on my stressful life.

Hopefully I can find a meeting I can go to before next weekend so I can finally get my new WW booklet!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!