How food makes me feel post-Whole30

Since I’ve been done with the Whole30 for roughly two weeks, it’s about time I do an update on how I feel.

First of all, the reintroduction phase was interesting… to say the least. Here’s what I’ve learned about how different foods affect me:

Dairy: Mostly bloating, gassy-ness, and general discomfort in the gut. It’s when I eat dairy that I notice my stomach sticking out a bit further than it should (think preggers). Red Mango didn’t seem to affect me as badly though.

Grains: Feel fuller faster and mild discomfort. Not as much as dairy, but doable. I don’t hate myself after like I do with dairy. But I do get really tired after eating grains.

Legumes: Just grossness that I’d rather not get into. Let’s just say it’s bad.

Soy: Kind of makes me sick to my stomach, hot/cold flashes and I feel like punching someone.

Alcohol: Felt fine for the most part, just couldn’t sleep worth a damn.

Cookies: For the first week, it was OH, THE PAIN! Both in the gut and the brain. After having a few cookies though, it dialed down to discomfort and hot/cold flashes. And it depends on the kind of cookie.

Cookie dough: I felt fine. Weird how that worked. If anyone could explain this to me, that would be awesome.

Chocolate: Didn’t feel a thing. Then again, chocolate is magical. ;)

Up next is a recap in photos including some of my meals and before/after photos. I’m debating if including Before/After should be debated… haha. There was a difference, but whether or not I want to share me in a photo with a sports bra on and spandex shorts on the internet.


Days 28 – 30 of the Whole30 & Reintroduction

If I didn’t have to pull late nights this week, I imagine it would be easier. But alas, I’m done with the Whole30.

The last couple days got to be hard, but a lot of that was because of an intense daily schedule, not enough sleep and not a lot of time to prepare meals. So I ate out quite a bit. Luckily, there are a couple restaurants that are easy for me to eat at. Except I did resort to eating the veggies and chicken breast off of a Burger King grilled chicken sandwich one night, bun left untouched. That’s between you and me though… shhhh!

I was in a rush, okay?!

Onto other things…

It’s now time for me to start reintroducing foods into my diet to see how they affect me. Today I’ve been doing grains/breads/starches. They are virtually all the same food group.

First observation: I’m sticking with eggs for breakfast. Cereal in almond milk doesn’t cut it and it leaves me hungry 90 minutes later. Eggs keep me covered for 3-4 hours.

Second: I think I need to keep up mostly a Whole30 mentality and meal plan with just the addition rather than the full substitution of a meal, like with the cereal. That equals a very satisfied girl.

Third: I’m not feeling bloated per say, but I can tell my stomach feels different with grains in my system again. More of a full that doesn’t go away.

And fourth: my energy was shot to hell at 9. Don’t know if that was because of 6 hours of sleep last night or the grains… Either way, I can’t function like that.

Onto day 2 of reintroduction tomorrow!